SOUTH KOREA May 2016 Part 3 (Cheongdam and Busan)

LAST DAY IN SEOUL. We left the guesthouse at around 10AM and went to Myeongdong to meet up with Mabee. We stopped at a convenience store and I found a MANGO MILK DRINK!


I bought a banana muffin near the Myeongdong subway station and we(Mabee and I) went to Holly’s coffee.

We were supposed to buy NBA caps at NBA store in Myeongdong but we unfortunately didn’t find it.

We then decided to just go to the main NBA store in Apgujeong. We walked along the Apgujeong Rodeo drive but we couldn’t find the NBA store but we spotted Bambam’s birthday bus. IMG_2365

Since we’re already near the JYPE area, we end up going to the building(where we saw JYP PD-nim) and some places that GOT7 usually visits. While we were in front of JYPE, we saw a Chinese fan carrying a NBA bag(I assumed she bought something from the store) and I kindly asked her for the direction and she showed me a screenshot of her map.

We took the other way(the one near Han River) back to Apgujeong Rodeo station and also brought Mabee to other agency building saround Apgujeong(FNC Ent, and SM ent). When we were at a convenience store near FNC, there were some random handsome kids who went inside to buy snacks and I was pretty sure they are part of FNC’s new boy group SF9(they haven’t debuted yet that time).

The NBA store was actually really hard to find but we still did thanks to the Chinese Ahgase’s map. We bought the caps and went back again to JYP to meet Cami.

<to be continued>


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