Tokyo December 2015 Travelougue


December 3 – Shibuya, CNBLUE Concert, Akihabara

I arrived in Tokyo at around 4AM but I have to wait until 5AM for the subway to open. I’m so used to Seoul’s straight forward subway system that I find Tokyo’s subway system kind of difficult to navigate.
The hostel that I booked is in Asakusa so I get off at Tawaramachi station since it’s nearer my place. I was expecting to find a 24 hours café with internet connection around Asakusa but to my surprise all the shops are close at 5AM except for 711(obviously).  I had no choice but to ask the 711 staff for the direction and I’m just so glad he didn’t hesitate to help me find the location. Asakusa Hostel Toukaisou is in a neighborhood area so it took me more than one hour to find it. I went inside the hostel and the staff wasn’t there yet so I went to Asakusa Temple first since it’s just 10 min walk from my hostel.
After Asakusa, I went to Don Quixote to buy some stuff before I went back to the hostel.
The staff is already there when I went back and unfortunately he wont allow me to have early check in and or to freshen up first so I only changed my clothes before heading out. Before I left, he suggested that I buy the 1 day subway pass to save up money and time(which I did).
Since I don’t have my pocket wifi yet,I unfortunately got lost again and it took me almost an hour to find Shibuya crossing. I read somewhere that the best view of Shibuya crossing is at Starbucks so that’s where I went to have a good view of the crossing.
After 20 min of just watching people cross the street, I went around and explored other places. Shibuya is truly a shopping heaven. There are a lot of stores that sell bags, shoes, gadgets, and clothes. I found a store that sells New Balance shoes at a really low price so I bought shoes for my parents as Christmas gifts. At that point I was really frustrated that I still don’t have my portable wifi so I contacted the company and decided to pick it up at their office.  Luckily, almost all subway stations in Tokyo has free Wifi so I was able to find the office of my pocket wifi provider. The place was near Ginza, a famous shopping place of high end brands so after picking up my pocket wifi, I decided to check out this place too.
I went back to my hostel to check in, drop off the stuff I bought from Shibuya, and prepare for the CNBLUE concert.
Budokan venue is near the Imperial Palace so I was going to visit it first but I arrived late and it was already clode. Upon arrival at Budokan, I met up with my ticket seller to get my ticket. I waited another one hour before I finally entered the venue. It was my first CNBLUE Japan concert and also the main purpose of my Japan trip. Budokan has a very interesting stage set up. The stage is at the center and it’s rotating while they’re performing. CNBLUE is one of those bands that you just have to watch live at least once.  During the third song, I decided to film secretly using my GoPro but which is not accepted in any Japan concerts. The security caught me and kicked me out of the venue and didn’t allow me to enter again. I was so devastated, mad and disappointed at myself but it was my fault and I just have to suffer the consequence of my action.
I decided to just visit Akihabara to move on from what just happened. I went to Yodobashi,  Gundam Café and AKB84 Café but I didn’t buy anything since I wasn’t a fan of any of of those.
Akihabara is a heaven for Anime lovers. My admiration towards anything related to anime ended when I was in college but if  I visited Akihabara while I was in high school I’ll probably end up being broke. I didn’t buy anything from Akihabara since most of the shops only released items of new anime.

December 4 – Tokyo Tower, Harajuku, Odaiba

The next day I went to Tokyo Tower first and on my way I stopped at a restaurant nearby to have brunch. I ordered Katsudon with noodles and for  700yen it was really worth it.
IMG_6173 copy
I made it to Tokyo Tower and was really impressed even though I think it’s better at night(based on photos I’ve seen). I made it to the top and luckily the weather’s good so I was able to see a clear bird’s eye view of the city and also Mt. Fuji’s peak. Inside Tokyo Tower there are also museums and stores that you could visit.
After Tokyo Tower, I went to Meiji temple which is considered as one of the popular temples in Japan.
After Meiji temple, I went to Yoyogi park to relieve some JongYeon moments that happened there(excuse my WGM fangirl self). Both Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine are in Harajuku area so after visiting these places,  I was supposed to go Takeshita street but I just cant find it even if I used Google maps so I ended up  shopping for Christmas gifts at GAP and I also went to Kiddie Land(I wanna buy all the Rilakkuma toys!).

After Harajuku, I went to Odaiba to see the giant Gundam. I first went to see the rainbow bridge and statue of Liberty.
I wasn’t informed that Diver City is another shopping heaven. Seriously, I don’t usually shop that much while on vacation but I bought so many stuff at 70% off.
Anyway, after almost 30 min in H&M(yes I shop really fast) I finally went to the location of giant Gundam. As I said I’m not a fan of anime anymore but I was really impressed by how huge it is Japan never ceases to impress me at how they do such things.
Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.49.42 PM
I really want to stay in Odaiba longer and shop more but I have to be at the bus station at 8PM(my bus to Kyoto leaves at 10PM). I went back to Asakusa, get my luggage and went to the bus station near Metropolitan building.
I arrived at the bus station 2 hours before my scheduled and I have more than 1 hour to spare so I decided to visit Metropolitan building for Tokyo’s view at night(entrance is free!). Tokyo is really beautiful at night. From the Metropolitan viewing floor, you could clearly see both the Skytree and Tokyo Tower. We left Tokyo at around 11PM and the travel time to Kyoto is almost 8 hours.